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Project Description
It's a Module for kooboo that implements an image gallery admin and view

Developed for kooboo

In kooboo admin, in the extension\Module select the imagegallery module and then click admin or add the module to a page and select Gallery/Index entry url to open the admin page

To view a Image Gallery, select the ImageGallery/Index entry url and in the GalleryUserKey custom setting put the UserKey of the Gallery you want to open

This kooboo module has this list of features:

- Easy to create a new Gallery - just add a zip file that contains the images that the gallery will be created and the thumbnails generated
- Json plugin - if you need an different design just use the jsonplugin and create your own page using jquery, the content template has an full example of this
- Generation of thumbnail- if you don't select the thumbnail when creating an image in the galery, the thumbnail is generated by reducing the full image

for help using and creating plugins see :

For video tutorial of using blog and other Kooboo modules, see:

For discussions and Issues please use the kooboo Forum

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